About Us

Why We’re Here
Most of the people who contribute time and effort with us feel privileged to have the skills they have. Our motivation is to give back to the community using the technical and business skills that we have spent our careers perfecting. None of us are paid to be here and everything we contribute is licensed as free open source software (FOSS) using the Affero GNU General Public License 3.0.

What We Do
When we adopt a nonprofit org, we follow a fairly simple structure. At a very high level, our process can be summarized as follows.

  • Perform needs analysis. This is important because a lot of organizations don’t know what they actually need when we first meet.
  • If improving business processes, create data flow diagram(s).
  • Perform user research to understand who we’re creating a solution for.
  • Develop user personas that represent the user for whom we’re designing and help us understand if there are multiple primary personas that require separate user interfaces.
  • Clearly identify the required output, e.g. reports, dashboards, etc.
  • Reengineer the business processes.
  • Create wireframes to represent potential solution designs.
  • Prototype wireframe models.
  • Undergo usability testing with individuals who have never been involved with the project.
  • Revise the design and repeat preceding steps as necessary.
  • Begin building the solution. This includes full stack development.
  • Test the solution.
  • After receiving approval from the nonprofit org, we will train them, migrate data as necessary and move the project from development to production.

How to Reach Us
The best way to reach us is to email Ben Adams.