Current Project
We’re currently working on a project for The Joseph Storehouse (TJS) in North Texas. TJS is a nonprofit org that started out as a local food pantry and has grown to include satellite food pantry locations. As they have grown, their back-office operations have struggled to scale appropriately and are currently inefficient and restricting future growth. We are working on a project to streamline the management of volunteer information. The new system is estimated to be up to 40 times more efficient.


  • Windows Server 2012 admin (maintenance, backup, manage transition from dev -> test -> prod)
  • MS SQL database administrator
  • ASP.Net developers
  • User Interface designer (create UI theme and make application beautiful)

This project is open source and is licensed under the Affero GNU GPL 3.0.

View our Trello boards here

View project on Github here

Projects That Need To Be Tackled
If you work with a nonprofit or know of a nonprofit that has a project they need help with, please let us know. If it’s a fit for our organization, we’ll be happy to post it here and to consider tackling it in the future as resources allow.

Past Projects
During the first half of 2015, we spent some time working with another local food pantry called the People That Care Center. We performed needs analysis with them and determined that they simply needed a revised website – in particular to help them with rebranding so they could better engage the community and donors. We worked wth them and completed the project in July 2015. Shortly after we completed the website, they were acquired by The Joseph Storehouse.